UN Summer Study Program
I would like to inform you and your students about the Higher Education Alliance United Nations Summer study program. This unique  program provide opportunity of engaging with International institutions and policymakers.

HDI’s Higher Education Alliance helps create the next generation global leaders by connecting institutions of higher education with the United Nations. HEA provides a comprehensive range of services, resources and opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience working with the United Nations and in global affairs.

The HEA Summer Session at the United Nations is a week-long immersion study program that gives graduate and advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to explore, examine and experience the inner workings of the world’s premier global governance body—the United Nations as well as other affiliated international NGO’s and organizations.

The Sessions take place in both New York City and Washington D.C.  Students will be required to do assigned readings before the sessions as well as to record reflections based off the briefings attended.  All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Program Completion at the end of the Summer Session and be granted the option to receive a letter of recommendation based on their performance during the program.

Program schedule  http://thehdi.org/higher_education_alliance_sis.html

Registration. http://thehdi.org/bootcamp_registration.html

Kind  Regards,
Oguzhan Guler
HEA Represantative in Turkey

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