Dining Opportunities

In addition to a canteen (Coffee Mülkiye) and two tea centers offering hot and cold sandwiches with beverages, there is a dining room which provides service to faculty, academic and administrative staff. Moreover, in our Cebeci Campus, 500 meters away from the faculty, we have a university student house offering lunches, as well as serving variety of food and beverages.

Housing Accommodations

Although there are many student dormitories at the University of Ankara, they are not sufficient to accommodate all students. To compensate this shortcoming, there are many private and state dormitories in Ankara which give housing services to our students. State dormitories are often used by students with relatively limited financial backings. On the other hand, our students can also prefer to rent an apartment within walking distance.

Sporting and Social Activities

Our faculty offers a wide range of social and sporting activities which add to the quality of the student life. There are theater, cinema, art, music and dance ensembles, plus over 30 communities of thought in our faculty. Many of these communities publish magazines containing discussions in their respective areas. Our faculty has its own sports hall, and has always valued the importance of sporting activities. Also, the sporting facilities of our University are available to use by all of our students. Each year a Sports Festival is traditionally held in our faculty, in this context, football, volleyball and basketball tournaments are organized. There are also sports festivals and competitions in various branches held each year by the main body of our University.

Our Faculty is very active in basketball and soccer. Our basketball team, Mülkiyespor, which is supported by our Alumni is competing in the secondary league, and games at home are held in our own basketball field.

One of the most colorful aspects of social life in our faculty is the traditional cow festival organized once a year since the 1930s, prior to final exams. It is organized by a Festival Organization Committee elected from third and fourth year students. Faculty members, students and alumni joins to the opening ceremony reading the prayer of that year together, and students with departmental decrees present their critics of our faculty' education system, as well as practices of office of the dean and administrative staff.

Health Center

In Ankara University, the heath services for students, academic and administrative staff are provided in Health and Culture Office. Health Centre, clinics and laboratories are very well organized to meet any kind of health need.

Mülkiyeliler Birliği (Alumni Association)

Our faculty alumni have strong ties either among themselves or through Alumni Association (Mülkiyeliler Birliği). Mülkiyeliler Birliği is a very prestigious non-governmental organization with branches across the country. It organizes variety of courses, seminars, symposiums and exhibitions. It also plays an important role in Turkish intellectual life by publishing magazines and books.

Alumni Association Headquarter in Ankara provides eating and drinking accommodations in a warm environment to all alumni and fourth year students. In addition, there is a hotel for the visiting alumni at Ankara. Mülkiyeliler Birliği has several branches in other cities offering similar accommodations.

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