Erasmus Student Society

Since 2008, we have been working hard in order to help incoming and outgoing Erasmus students. As part of this endeavour, our outgoing students, who took part in our Erasmus programmes in the past years, came together and  agreed on the idea of working as a society (or "club"). In March 2009 the Society was officially established and  elected its first administrative board. In April 2010 our Society has became a member of Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Among our objectives are (1) introduce the Erasmus programme to new incoming students, (2) inform new outgoing students about the programme, and (3) meet the accomodation, health, social and cultural needs of incoming students.

Mülkiye Erasmus Student Society

It was founded in 2012 by students in Mülkiye from different departments. Our university has been working in coordination with the Erasmus Student Society. The aim of the society is both  to inform incoming students who come  to our faculty either with Erasmus programme or bilateral agreements between universities  about our faculty and help  them to adjust.
On the other hand, Mülkiye Erasmus Student Society carries out  informative and introductory activities for students who have already been studying and who would like to study in the future in European Universities. The activities of the society can be followed in the website of the faculty.

In order to take part in the activities of our societies, please contact one of our staff working in our Erasmus Office.

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